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The Survival Mode Spectrum…are you on it?

From Auto-Pilot to Survival Mode, the majority of people nowadays live their life somewhere on the spectrum. The question is…do you? We put together the six badges people on the SM spectrum tend to wear and a questionnaire to help you identify if you’re living in cruise control.

The telltale signs someone (or you!) is in Survival Mode
  1. They appear successful and super together.
  2. If you ask them if they’re happy there’s always a hesitation/sense of dissatisfaction/inability to just say YES.
  3. If you go deeper, there’s always an underlying health symptom or issue that’s begun to pop up (for example: not sleeping, panic attacks, bowel issues, auto immune disorder, etc.).
The six most common Survival Mode badges
  1. Strong independent woman
  2. Complacent couple
  3. Money Maker
  4. Big Night Out-er
  5. Namaste Guru
  6. Leprechaun (looking for their pot of gold!)
Are YOU in Survival Mode?
  • Do you get home from work and melt into your couch with your comfort of choice… wine, chocolate, etc?
  • Do you always have your next vacation booked and are already planning the next one?
  • Are you counting down the minutes to 5pm on Friday when you can have that first drink?
  • Is it a boring day at work when you don’t have a package delivered?
  • Do you frantically text all your contacts when you realise you don’t have plans for the night?
  • Have you ever felt like a deer in the headlights when someone has asked you how you’ve been?
  • Do you find yourself staying up super late at night even when you know you have to work early in the morning?
  • Do you fantasise about injuring yourself so you won’t have to go in to work?
  • Do you find yourself deactivating and reactivating your social media accounts?
  • Do you find that even when you make more money it never seems to be enough?
  • Do you constantly feel like you rarely have a free moment to yourself?

The Health Effect

  • How is your sleep? Is it restful or stressful?
  • How are your bowel movements? Are they regular (1-few times a day), easy, and solid?
  • How is your skin, hair nails? Bright and shiny? Dry, thin and patchy?
  • Girls: How is your period? Guys & Girls: How is your sex drive?
  • How is your tummy? Strong and settled constantly upset?
  • How is your mental health? Anxiety overload, panic attacks
  • How is your immune system? Do you get sick all the time? Do you catch everything?

We break down what the badges are, which badges we are and what survival mode has looked like for us in the past. And most importantly, how to break out of it!