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How to date…with apps

Profile pics, banter, emojis, ghosting, projecting, and more!

We go through the three stages of app dating:

1. The Search
2. The Date
3. The Aftermath

What works? What doesn’t? What do we avoid? And most importantly…how do you find what you’re truly looking for?

Tune in for our very sage advice 😉 and some good old dating stories.

Here’s a helpful list we made for ourselves. If you’re feeling lost or confused about your dating life, try writing your own or use this/modify this list to keep yourself in check!

Our Dating Boundaries
  • Is he making an effort?
  • Does he make you feel good?
  • Is he being considerate?
  • Does he return your texts?
  • Does he call you?
  • Does he make you feel safe?
  • Does he want a committed relationship?
  • Does he want kids?
  • Does he have a job?
  • Does he like his job?
  • Does he make a good living?
  • Does he act like an adult?
Things to remember:
  • If it’s meant to happen it will happen.
  • Don’t pre judge yourself.
  • Let him decide his own thoughts (don’t make them up).
  • Don’t worry if he “gets away” or “slips away”, if it’s meant to be, he will come back.
  • Give him a chance to show you that he’s interested.
  • There is ALWAYS a next. So it’s YOUR choice.
  • What’s for you won’t go past you.
Great advice from someone else:

Check out this vid: Garance Dore on dating

. And remember… “You don’t need lots, you just need ONE.”

Happy dating!
– xx Alex & Tory

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