That #nofilter life dream

Why Tnfld?

In yoga terms, there’s this belief that everyone is born perfectly ready to fulfill their life’s purpose (dharma). The problem is that as soon as you’re born the conditioning begins. From your parents, to your teachers, to your friends, to your city and beyond…you get laden with ideas, rules, constrictions that are not your own. You end up viewing yourself and the world through these filters, which take you further and further away from your true self. This disconnect is the cause of so many issues prevalent today from anxiety to depression to a general lack of drive. The way to reconnect is to uncover and identify these filters – peel back all those layers to come back to your true, perfect self. Create the space for passion, joy, contentment, abundant energy…and getting on that life purpose track.

Live free. Live Tnfld.

A life that is true, real and bountiful… expansive as the sky above.


I lived most of my life with deep anxiety, mild to serious depression and so much unconscious insecurity (read some of my story here). I thought these things were an intrinsic part of me to the point where I wore my anxiety as a badge of pride, convinced it was what made me a successful Type A. I thought it was the fuel to my fire – but it wasn’t a sustainable way to live.

I thought I was ‘in control’ because I was always on top of it/first in line/ahead of the game (sound familiar?), but it was actually the exact opposite.

Looking back now I can see clearly how everything I did was a reaction to fear. And living from that space 24/7 made me absolutely miserable. My life was achievement-based and I climbed that ladder fast and hard. When I reached the top I took a look around: I was physically and metaphorically holding everything I’d thought I’d wanted and needed for happiness, but I felt nothing. The hollow ran deep.

I thought “If this is ‘it’…how is it worth it?”

And that’s when the big shifts began.

I started to unravel and it happened fast. I stepped out of all my comfort zones and let go (moving to Costa rica was one, moving to Australia another). My whole life changed drastically and new perspectives became my beacons of light. My filters started to reveal themself – so many conditionings that I wasn’t aware of that ran so deep. Five years later I still find myself discovering more. All these things that I thought were as a part of me as the skin that I’m in I’m seeing clearly now – and peeling them off.

Tory and I have learnt so much (read her story here) and love that we now know we will always be learning. It’s become our life’s passion and we’re using this space as a platform to share what we’ve learnt so far in our amazing journeys – a second chance at life. I hope that for anyone who needs it, you’ll find that nugget, that little hit of perspective, that helps you uncover your own filters and step strong into your true self.

Breathe in that breath of fresh air and see yourself clearly, truly, for the first time.

Lots of love,

Alex & Tory xx

The Shady Shack life (Canggu, Bali, 2018)


How to live a life Tnfld. A life that is true, real and bountiful… expansive as the sky above.

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