Tnfld | Episode 25: My health journey

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My health journey

After a slew of mystery symptoms and a cancer scare I quit the pill, got diagnosed with the autoimmune disease Hashimotos (hypothyroid) and set out on a journey to discover wtf was going on with my health. Did it get better? No, it got worse…way, way worse. From integrative holistic doctors to raw diets, to yoga teacher training and finding respite in Bali – I went down a deep, anxious well of mental and physical health. I learned A LOT and I can proudly say I am now, seven years later, in good health. If you feel you’re headed down your own health rabbit hole, give this episode a listen and let us know what you think!

– xx Alex

Links for your perusal…

Tnfld | Episode 24: High Tide October

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High Tide: Harvest Moon

Welcome to our new full moon podcast! We’ll release an episode on the morning of the full moon (Australia time) each month so we can join together in a ritual of reflection and letting go. We’ll guide you through the energy of the moon, ask some journal prompts and lead a short mantra meditation to round off the night. Short, sweet and juicy!

Full Moon Energy

This full moon is in Aries and it’s the Harvest Moon. The Harvest moon is the full moon closest to the autumn equinox and it rises soon after sunset and is said to be one of the brightest and fullest moons. Aries has intense energy as a fire sign and the leader of the Zodiac. It’s currently in direct opposition to Libra – the balance seeking, harmonious sign. Aries are the rams that want to charge ahead – acting before thinking, and Libras are always trying to make the peace. This full moon will bring tension and it’s best not to make rash decisions but take time to process our emotions.

Journalling Prompts

  • What is one thing you’ve been hard on yourself about in the last month? Are you able to let go of that today? And if not, why?
  • What is something you’ve done this month that you’re really proud of?
  • What’s one way you can show yourself love this month?

Mantra for the Month

May I be filled with loving-kindness.
May I be well.
May I be peaceful and at ease.
May I be happy.

Some extra full moon magic…

The mantra above is from one of our favourite yoga teachers and reiki masters, Wiebke Quiesser, from Yogatime Bondi . If you are in Sydney, definitely pop in for one of their amazing classes (we love a good yin & reiki night as well as their Kirtan Sunday sessions)!

And here is a little teaser if you’re up for some extra meditation:

Tnfld | Episode 23: Our self-care toolbox

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Our self-care toolbox

In the last podcast we talked about the Survival Mode Spectrum and how most of us are on it to some degree. So what do you do next? How do you deal? In this episode we talk about the best things we’ve tried and added to our own self-care toolbox. What really does the trick? What’s worth the $$$? What can you do for free? So have a listen and let us know what’s worked for you too!

Some information on NET (Neural Emotional Technique) cited in this ep:

What is it?
A recent study on its efficacy.

If you’re in Sydney check out:

If you’re in the Gold Coast check out:

Some girlfriend podcasts, for when you need a pick me up:

  • Life Uncut: Two girls in Bondi and former bachelorettes discuss the stuff you love talking about with your friends.
  • Girls Gotta Eat: They’re Sex and the City 2020. Have some fun and lift your spirit with these girls’ girls.
  • Love-life Podcast: beautiful lessons to help you when you need them most. It’s no longer in production, but there are over 200 episodes and they are A++
  • James Smith/Fair Points: Three British blokes living in Bondi trying to make sense of it all. An easy and comforting listen. (Make sure the title includes ‘Fair Points’).

Tnfld | Episode 22: My first time…abroad

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My first time…abroad

Usually around that time you finish high school is when, if you’re lucky enough, it’s time to take your first sojourn…solo. Tory and I both had the opportunity to travel in Europe separately around the age of 19 and from her stories as an au pair in France and Belgium and my stories as a backpacker in Greece…and two week au pair in Italy…we can pretty safely say we made the most of it. It’s not even what you do really, but what you become by the end of it. It’s the first test of who you are, a right of passage and memories you will never forget. If you’re looking for a little escape, tune into the podcast for story time.

Tnfld Podcast / Episode 21: The Survival Mode Spectrum…where do you sit?

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The Survival Mode Spectrum…are you on it?

From Auto-Pilot to Survival Mode, the majority of people nowadays live their life somewhere on the spectrum. The question is…do you? We put together the six badges people on the SM spectrum tend to wear and a questionnaire to help you identify if you’re living in cruise control.

The telltale signs someone (or you!) is in Survival Mode
  1. They appear successful and super together.
  2. If you ask them if they’re happy there’s always a hesitation/sense of dissatisfaction/inability to just say YES.
  3. If you go deeper, there’s always an underlying health symptom or issue that’s begun to pop up (for example: not sleeping, panic attacks, bowel issues, auto immune disorder, etc.).
The six most common Survival Mode badges
  1. Strong independent woman
  2. Complacent couple
  3. Money Maker
  4. Big Night Out-er
  5. Namaste Guru
  6. Leprechaun (looking for their pot of gold!)
Are YOU in Survival Mode?
  • Do you get home from work and melt into your couch with your comfort of choice… wine, chocolate, etc?
  • Do you always have your next vacation booked and are already planning the next one?
  • Are you counting down the minutes to 5pm on Friday when you can have that first drink?
  • Is it a boring day at work when you don’t have a package delivered?
  • Do you frantically text all your contacts when you realise you don’t have plans for the night?
  • Have you ever felt like a deer in the headlights when someone has asked you how you’ve been?
  • Do you find yourself staying up super late at night even when you know you have to work early in the morning?
  • Do you fantasise about injuring yourself so you won’t have to go in to work?
  • Do you find yourself deactivating and reactivating your social media accounts?
  • Do you find that even when you make more money it never seems to be enough?
  • Do you constantly feel like you rarely have a free moment to yourself?

The Health Effect

  • How is your sleep? Is it restful or stressful?
  • How are your bowel movements? Are they regular (1-few times a day), easy, and solid?
  • How is your skin, hair nails? Bright and shiny? Dry, thin and patchy?
  • Girls: How is your period? Guys & Girls: How is your sex drive?
  • How is your tummy? Strong and settled constantly upset?
  • How is your mental health? Anxiety overload, panic attacks
  • How is your immune system? Do you get sick all the time? Do you catch everything?

We break down what the badges are, which badges we are and what survival mode has looked like for us in the past. And most importantly, how to break out of it!

Tnfld Podcast | Episode 20: This much we know is NOT true

This much we know is NOT true

Celebrating our 20th episode we decided to go through the top ten things we discovered were myths during our own personal growth.

  1. Turning 30 is scary.
  2. Happiness comes from within.
  3. Family is everything.
  4. But he/she’s my soulmate!
  5. This is the worst thing that’s happened to me.
  6. It will look good on my resume.
  7. You should act like an adult.
  8. I’m too old.
  9. There must be something wrong with me.
  10. They’re ruining my life!

We break down these societal tropes and break down Netflix’s Selling Sunset (it’s relevant, promise!).

As always, give it a listen and let us know your thoughts!

– Alex & Tory xx

Tnfld Podcast | Episode 19: Why we quit the birth control pill

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The Pill: The myths, the truth and our decisions

After 13 years of blind, dedicated devotion Alex quit the pill. Tory quickly followed suit. Why the abrupt turnaround? What did we discover? And was coming off the pill as bad as everyone said it would be?

We’re both about four years post pill and in that time we have learned A LOT about our bodies. We debunk the three big myths surrounding the pill (that we believed for over a decade), recount our individual experiences coming off the pill and more. If you’re a woman on OR off the pill, this is something you will want to hear. – Tory & Alex

Want to dive deeper?

The period Queen. Great book and great blog…this is the book that I wish I had five years ago.
Great podcast, great book and great blog!
The pill and your gut
The pill and your gut part deux
How the pill switches off your hormones and why that matters
The birth control pill can have male side effects
Who could see this coming?
My amazing Naturopath!

Tnfld Podcast | Episode 18: Should you go to law school?

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Or listen via Spotify

So…should you go to law school?

There is a well worn path that many post-uni students have travelled: You’re done with your undergrad and uninspired by the entry level jobs available to you…so what do you do next? Well, why not go to law school?!

We talk about Tory’s experience becoming a lawyer and why immediately upon graduating she decided to move to Australia and leave the law world behind. Was law school worth it? Does she regret her experience? Will she ever return to the bar?!

Tnfld Podcast | Episode 16: There’s no place like…Australia

Or listen via iTunes
Or listen via Spotify

Australia…the land of dreams come true

Do you live in a cold and grey place? Do you spend your COVID days dreaming of a land far, far…down under?

Well you’ve come to the right place. If you’ve ever thought about moving to Australia, but aren’t sure if the grass is really greener, listen to this episode for a breakdown on what makes Australia the best country in the world and the place you want to be…once we’re allowed to go places again :).

Do you know what these Aussie words mean?

Brekkie, Avo, Arvo, aggro, Maccas, mozzie, relo, renos, bin, rocket, prawns, barbie, thongs, Biccie, chock, Bub, cuppa, footy, deco, servo, bottle o, tinny, dero, coppa, tradie, muso, brickie, firey, ambo, facey, prezzi, Chrissie, root, Early mark, chuck a sickie, she’ll be right, how ya going, no worries, reckon, heaps, keen, hire instead of rent, how you going, icy pole, sausage sizzle, shrimp on the barbie, sambo, scull, maaatttttteeeee

*Disclaimer: This is also a semi formal comparison of Canada vs. Australia. Proceed at your own risk and let us know what you think!

Our Aussie prep recommendations:

Tnfld Podcast | Episode 15: Boundaries, let’s get physical and emotional

Or listen via iTunes
Or listen via Spotify

Why you need boundaries for your physical AND emotional state

Do you ever feel tired after hanging out with someone? Or feel like there’s just never enough time to do anything? How about feeling like you just want to escape away from it all?

Chances are you’ve got some energy leaks. You’re losing energy daily on external things, which leaves you with an empty tank to run on. We talk about how we address these leaks in our emotional space and our physical space. There is A LOT you can do to keep your energy strong and to yourself. Give us a listen and let us know what you think!


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