Tnfld Podcast | Episode 20: This much we know is NOT true

This much we know is NOT true

Celebrating our 20th episode we decided to go through the top ten things we discovered were myths during our own personal growth.

  1. Turning 30 is scary.
  2. Happiness comes from within.
  3. Family is everything.
  4. But he/she’s my soulmate!
  5. This is the worst thing that’s happened to me.
  6. It will look good on my resume.
  7. You should act like an adult.
  8. I’m too old.
  9. There must be something wrong with me.
  10. They’re ruining my life!

We break down these societal tropes and break down Netflix’s Selling Sunset (it’s relevant, promise!).

As always, give it a listen and let us know your thoughts!

– Alex & Tory xx

Tnfld Podcast | Episode 19: Why we quit the birth control pill

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The Pill: The myths, the truth and our decisions

After 13 years of blind, dedicated devotion Alex quit the pill. Tory quickly followed suit. Why the abrupt turnaround? What did we discover? And was coming off the pill as bad as everyone said it would be?

We’re both about four years post pill and in that time we have learned A LOT about our bodies. We debunk the three big myths surrounding the pill (that we believed for over a decade), recount our individual experiences coming off the pill and more. If you’re a woman on OR off the pill, this is something you will want to hear. – Tory & Alex

Want to dive deeper?

The period Queen. Great book and great blog…this is the book that I wish I had five years ago.
Great podcast, great book and great blog!
The pill and your gut
The pill and your gut part deux
How the pill switches off your hormones and why that matters
The birth control pill can have male side effects
Who could see this coming?
My amazing Naturopath!

Tnfld Podcast | Episode 18: Should you go to law school?

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So…should you go to law school?

There is a well worn path that many post-uni students have travelled: You’re done with your undergrad and uninspired by the entry level jobs available to you…so what do you do next? Well, why not go to law school?!

We talk about Tory’s experience becoming a lawyer and why immediately upon graduating she decided to move to Australia and leave the law world behind. Was law school worth it? Does she regret her experience? Will she ever return to the bar?!

Tnfld Podcast | Episode 16: There’s no place like…Australia

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Australia…the land of dreams come true

Do you live in a cold and grey place? Do you spend your COVID days dreaming of a land far, far…down under?

Well you’ve come to the right place. If you’ve ever thought about moving to Australia, but aren’t sure if the grass is really greener, listen to this episode for a breakdown on what makes Australia the best country in the world and the place you want to be…once we’re allowed to go places again :).

Do you know what these Aussie words mean?

Brekkie, Avo, Arvo, aggro, Maccas, mozzie, relo, renos, bin, rocket, prawns, barbie, thongs, Biccie, chock, Bub, cuppa, footy, deco, servo, bottle o, tinny, dero, coppa, tradie, muso, brickie, firey, ambo, facey, prezzi, Chrissie, root, Early mark, chuck a sickie, she’ll be right, how ya going, no worries, reckon, heaps, keen, hire instead of rent, how you going, icy pole, sausage sizzle, shrimp on the barbie, sambo, scull, maaatttttteeeee

*Disclaimer: This is also a semi formal comparison of Canada vs. Australia. Proceed at your own risk and let us know what you think!

Our Aussie prep recommendations:

Tnfld Podcast | Episode 15: Boundaries, let’s get physical and emotional

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Why you need boundaries for your physical AND emotional state

Do you ever feel tired after hanging out with someone? Or feel like there’s just never enough time to do anything? How about feeling like you just want to escape away from it all?

Chances are you’ve got some energy leaks. You’re losing energy daily on external things, which leaves you with an empty tank to run on. We talk about how we address these leaks in our emotional space and our physical space. There is A LOT you can do to keep your energy strong and to yourself. Give us a listen and let us know what you think!

Tnfld Podcast | Episode 14: How to read your astro chart

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Have you ever wanted to know more about your astrological self?

Do you feel like you don’t quite fit with the description of your sign? Have you noticed patterns with the astro signs of the people in your life?

Well we’re here to help. We go through how to do a very simple read of your astrological chart and how to start spotting the patterns in your life. Knowledge is power and astro literacy is a great tool to help you understand your world.

Where to get your astro chart
  • Full chart with elements. This is the chart we reference during the podcast. You MUST put in your birth time and place of birth for the full chart to appear.
  • Beautiful chart. Shows you your Yods (not discussed in podcast) and other yummy astro things you can start to delve deeper into, if you wish.
And here’s a little layout for socials. If you fill it out on Insta, let us know! @tnfld_

Tnfld Podcast | Episode 13: Let’s talk about our worries

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What are you worrying about right now? Is it really something that you can control?

We’ve all got worries and it’s easy to get swept up in them during uncertain times likes these. Talking about our worries is one of the best ways to work through them and to realise they’re probably not as bad as we think they are. We run through some of our recent anxieties and how we cope.

Tools for the anxious mind:

In 2013 I was stuck on a farm in a small town in Australia. I knew I was getting out soon and I knew that whatever I chose to do next would shape my entire life. I was terrified of making the wrong decision and my anxiety was running rampant. I decided to plot out my options as thoroughly as I could and create my own ‘crystal ball’ that would give me a glimpse at my possible futures. Here’s my chart below as an example. Hopefully it can help you too!

Tnfld Podcast | Episode 12: How we manifest

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Our lives have been put on pause and where we are at right now is it (for the foreseeable future).

Your job, your home, your partner, your friends, etc., what you have now is what you’ve got. The question is…is it what you want?

Now is the time to plan for the future. It’s the time for us to manifest.


When we first moved up to the Gold Coast, we did a huge manifestation session… we put on some great tunes (Jon & Roy), talked about the 4 pillars we wanted to focus on – Mind & Body, Love, Dharma (purpose) and Home – and then spent several hours pouring out our souls. Here’s some of what came out of that session (and a lot of it has come true already)!

Tnfld Podcast | Episode 11: Pop culture round-up & what to watch in quarantine

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Tiger King, Harry & Meghan, Brad Pitt’s life crisis…we get into some celeb gossip and our binge-worthy quarantine recommendations!

With most of the world self-isolating in a surreal limbo state, we wanted to lighten things up a bit with some celebrity gossip and a few of our favourite shows and movies that can  bring you some entertainment while you’re stuck in quarantine.

Our recommendations


Tnfld Podcast | Ep10: Woo Woo & the Art of Ritual

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Lunar cycles, Crystals, Angel Cards…what?!

Rituals are nice. They’ve been used throughout history to help give people a sense of stability, control, and even drum up some good old faith. So if you’re looking for some comfort, some routine and would like a little help tapping into your spiritual side, give this episode a listen to find out how to get a bit woo woo – without feeling like you’ve lost the plot!


How to live a life Tnfld. A life that is true, real and bountiful… expansive as the sky above.

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