Tnfld | Episode 28: How to date…with apps

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How to date…with apps

Profile pics, banter, emojis, ghosting, projecting, and more!

We go through the three stages of app dating:

1. The Search
2. The Date
3. The Aftermath

What works? What doesn’t? What do we avoid? And most importantly…how do you find what you’re truly looking for?

Tune in for our very sage advice 😉 and some good old dating stories.

Here’s a helpful list we made for ourselves. If you’re feeling lost or confused about your dating life, try writing your own or use this/modify this list to keep yourself in check!

Our Dating Boundaries
  • Is he making an effort?
  • Does he make you feel good?
  • Is he being considerate?
  • Does he return your texts?
  • Does he call you?
  • Does he make you feel safe?
  • Does he want a committed relationship?
  • Does he want kids?
  • Does he have a job?
  • Does he like his job?
  • Does he make a good living?
  • Does he act like an adult?
Things to remember:
  • If it’s meant to happen it will happen.
  • Don’t pre judge yourself.
  • Let him decide his own thoughts (don’t make them up).
  • Don’t worry if he “gets away” or “slips away”, if it’s meant to be, he will come back.
  • Give him a chance to show you that he’s interested.
  • There is ALWAYS a next. So it’s YOUR choice.
  • What’s for you won’t go past you.
Great advice from someone else:

Check out this vid: Garance Dore on dating

. And remember… “You don’t need lots, you just need ONE.”

Happy dating!
– xx Alex & Tory

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Tnfld | Episode 27: Van Life with Josh & Jess

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East Coast Adventuring

Has quarantine got you dreaming of life on the road? Earlier this year, after offices began to shut down and everyone started working from home, our friends Josh & Jess bought a camper van on a whim and started out on an epic road trip up the East Coast. For the last 4 months they’ve been travelling through Queensland, spending a week at a time at different beaches – working and studying during the week, and adventuring on the weekends. They stopped by for a visit on their way back to Sydney and we chatted about how they’re living tenfold (#tnfld) through the pandemic and all the secrets of van life!

You might remember Josh as was one of our first guests… he’s the guy who has 3 months of vacation every 6 months written into his contracts! If you missed it, listen here!

If you’re looking for some inspo for your own East Coast road trip, check out their itinerary below:

  • Sydney
  • Byron Bay
  • Gold Coast
  • Hervey Bay
  • Tin Can Bay
  • Agnes Water
  • Yeppon
  • Great Keppel Island (a hidden gem, super quiet, you can get there from Yeppoon super cheap and one of the most gorgeous, long, white sandy beaches is there)
  • Airlie Beach (super cool little town)
  • Whitsundays (Whitehaven beach was just absolutely mind blowingly gorgeous)
  • Magnetic Island
  • Townsville
  • Mission Beach
  • Paronella Park
  • Atherton Tablelands
  • Cairns
  • Palm Cove (a perfect little town just outside of Cairns, great little cafes, tonnes of palm trees and right on the beach its another hidden gem)
  • Port Douglas
  • Cape Tribulation (Daintree rainforest its so beautiful, lush and unspoilt and just filled with wildlife and forest it was a whole new side of Australia)
And here are some epic shots of their adventures! To see more and follow their travels, check out Josh’s insta @thekiwinomad_.

Tnfld | Episode 26: Puberty, The ’90s and… PEN15

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Growing up ’90s

Have you watched PEN15 yet? If you grew up in the ’90s this binge-worthy show will bring you all the feels! It captures the awkwardness of those middle school days so accurately and got us reminiscing about our own pre-teen experiences back in Canada. So join us for what is basically a podcast version of a 7th grade sleepover… we’re talking all about our first periods, crushes, frenemies and all the awkward moments in between.

PEN15 is on Stan in Australia and CBC in Canada.

Tnfld | Episode 24: High Tide October

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High Tide: Harvest Moon

Welcome to our new full moon podcast! We’ll release an episode on the morning of the full moon (Australia time) each month so we can join together in a ritual of reflection and letting go. We’ll guide you through the energy of the moon, ask some journal prompts and lead a short mantra meditation to round off the night. Short, sweet and juicy!

Full Moon Energy

This full moon is in Aries and it’s the Harvest Moon. The Harvest moon is the full moon closest to the autumn equinox and it rises soon after sunset and is said to be one of the brightest and fullest moons. Aries has intense energy as a fire sign and the leader of the Zodiac. It’s currently in direct opposition to Libra – the balance seeking, harmonious sign. Aries are the rams that want to charge ahead – acting before thinking, and Libras are always trying to make the peace. This full moon will bring tension and it’s best not to make rash decisions but take time to process our emotions.

Journalling Prompts

  • What is one thing you’ve been hard on yourself about in the last month? Are you able to let go of that today? And if not, why?
  • What is something you’ve done this month that you’re really proud of?
  • What’s one way you can show yourself love this month?

Mantra for the Month

May I be filled with loving-kindness.
May I be well.
May I be peaceful and at ease.
May I be happy.

Some extra full moon magic…

The mantra above is from one of our favourite yoga teachers and reiki masters, Wiebke Quiesser, from Yogatime Bondi . If you are in Sydney, definitely pop in for one of their amazing classes (we love a good yin & reiki night as well as their Kirtan Sunday sessions)!

And here is a little teaser if you’re up for some extra meditation:

Tnfld Podcast | Episode 17: Why we love the Kardashians

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Or listen via Spotify

Growing up mixed race in Canada was a defining experience. Tory and Alex talk with their friend Shadi about how this affected them and what living in Australia – a country with a reputation for some racist tendencies – has been like in comparison.

*We recorded this a few days before George Floyd was killed, horrifically highlighting how important discussion and action around racism and our conscious and unconscious societal beliefs still is in this day and age. It does exist. Even in the ‘good’ places like Canada.

Tnfld Podcast | Episode 16: There’s no place like…Australia

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Australia…the land of dreams come true

Do you live in a cold and grey place? Do you spend your COVID days dreaming of a land far, far…down under?

Well you’ve come to the right place. If you’ve ever thought about moving to Australia, but aren’t sure if the grass is really greener, listen to this episode for a breakdown on what makes Australia the best country in the world and the place you want to be…once we’re allowed to go places again :).

Do you know what these Aussie words mean?

Brekkie, Avo, Arvo, aggro, Maccas, mozzie, relo, renos, bin, rocket, prawns, barbie, thongs, Biccie, chock, Bub, cuppa, footy, deco, servo, bottle o, tinny, dero, coppa, tradie, muso, brickie, firey, ambo, facey, prezzi, Chrissie, root, Early mark, chuck a sickie, she’ll be right, how ya going, no worries, reckon, heaps, keen, hire instead of rent, how you going, icy pole, sausage sizzle, shrimp on the barbie, sambo, scull, maaatttttteeeee

*Disclaimer: This is also a semi formal comparison of Canada vs. Australia. Proceed at your own risk and let us know what you think!

Our Aussie prep recommendations:

Tnfld Podcast | Episode 14: How to read your astro chart

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Or listen via Spotify

Have you ever wanted to know more about your astrological self?

Do you feel like you don’t quite fit with the description of your sign? Have you noticed patterns with the astro signs of the people in your life?

Well we’re here to help. We go through how to do a very simple read of your astrological chart and how to start spotting the patterns in your life. Knowledge is power and astro literacy is a great tool to help you understand your world.

Where to get your astro chart
  • Full chart with elements. This is the chart we reference during the podcast. You MUST put in your birth time and place of birth for the full chart to appear.
  • Beautiful chart. Shows you your Yods (not discussed in podcast) and other yummy astro things you can start to delve deeper into, if you wish.
And here’s a little layout for socials. If you fill it out on Insta, let us know! @tnfld_

Tnfld Podcast | Episode 13: Let’s talk about our worries

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Or listen via Spotify

What are you worrying about right now? Is it really something that you can control?

We’ve all got worries and it’s easy to get swept up in them during uncertain times likes these. Talking about our worries is one of the best ways to work through them and to realise they’re probably not as bad as we think they are. We run through some of our recent anxieties and how we cope.

Tools for the anxious mind:

In 2013 I was stuck on a farm in a small town in Australia. I knew I was getting out soon and I knew that whatever I chose to do next would shape my entire life. I was terrified of making the wrong decision and my anxiety was running rampant. I decided to plot out my options as thoroughly as I could and create my own ‘crystal ball’ that would give me a glimpse at my possible futures. Here’s my chart below as an example. Hopefully it can help you too!

Tnfld Podcast | Ep08: Mirror Mirror: Love is Blind…?

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Are relationships just a reflection of yourself?

We talk about the Netflix show Love is Blind and all the triggers it brought up in us. Is Alex a Jessica? Who does Tory have a crush on?! But seriously, we talk a lot about relationships – the biggest mirror of them all.



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